7 advantages of a small sea bath!



It's summer, the bathing season has already begun, so we take advantage of it and throw ourselves into the water! And yes, because the latter is indeed a therapy for the body and the mind. Here in 10 points, these concrete effects on our bodies.

It recharges our batteries

Seawater is rich in negative ions (which carry electrical charge) of potassium, sodium and calcium among others, which penetrate through the skin and diffuse into the body. Perfect for boosting the body! They work on strengthening the bones, regenerating muscle cells and eliminating toxins. In general, seawater naturally renews the cells of the body. The operation is done after 12 minutes, so for a small energy shoot, a swim of 15 minutes is enough!

It soothes and relaxes us

Have you ever noticed how relaxed you were after a swim in the sea? The trace elements constitute a guaranteed anti-stress formula, and the relaxing effect can be reinforced with some swimming movements. Let yourself float, empty your mind by focusing on the sound of the waves, and relax :) The amount of iodine in the seawater stimulates the action of the thyroid and guarantee you a good energy management for a harmonious distribution of hormones. In short: it limits depression, insomnia and mood disorders.
And for athletes, it is also the best way to recover after a workout and avoid aches.

It gives us beautiful looks

Salt, contained in seawater, is a natural exfolliant, which eliminates dead skin and revives the skin, for a soft and smooth skin. The action of the sea bath, meanwhile, will relaunch the lymphatic and blood circulation and therefore fight the retention of water. It is also known for its ability to treat dermatological conditions, such as itching, irritation, acne, eczema and psoriasis. A little bath, and presto, you come out with a new skin, regenerated and toned. What happiness!

It helps us breathe better

Have you ever felt better breathing when you were at the seaside? You were right! The sea is a real remedy: thanks to its wealth of oxygen and negative ions, it prevents and acts on sinusitis and rhinitis, and especially facilitates our breathing. So do not hesitate to go for short walks at the seaside, whatever the season.

It helps us sleep better

The sea air causes a better breathing, which leads to a better sleep. And the fact that the sea relaxes us greatly helps us to find restful sleep. So, take a deep breath!

This tightens our family ties

The moments at the beach allow parents to devote themselves entirely to their children, without any distractions. They teach them to swim, make sandcastles, surf, play at sand rackets, respect others ... all sorts of essential notions to education. The beach seems to be a particularly good place to create family ties or friendships. And the best part is that kids love it!

It's a cure

Seawater has existed for a long time in ampoules, nasal injections, spraying, and even as a drink, because it has long been recognized as a natural medicine. So we do not worry, if you swallow a mouthful of salty water, it will just be more minerals for your body. Contrary to popular belief, salt itself is present in the sea in a form that will do you only good. . Different from the atomic form of table salt, it is a highly assimilable salt. But do not sip everything, all the same.

Here are 7 other good reasons to take care of our oceans. In addition to being vital to us, they are also vital to our happiness and well-being.

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