Lyocell (Tencel), the fiber of the future!

Among ecological materials, we often hear about organic cotton, flax, hemp ... But do you know lyocell?

Lyocell is a fiber made from pulp (cellulose) wood (, eucalyptus, bamboo etc.). It is crushed and then dissolved with a non-toxic solvent, NMMO, which is recycled in almost all (99%). This closed circuit construction coupled with low water consumption makes the lyocell particularly ecological. But let's not forget that it requires a considerable energy consumption during the production phase. Lyocell seems today to be an essential fiber of the textile industry and remains to be favored in our cabinets compared to synthetic chemical fibers.

Lyocell forest is sustainable

Generally, the wood pulp used for the production of lyocell comes from trees planted specifically for its production. The pine, eucalyptus and bamboo forests are certified sustainable and have a low environmental impact. The wood bark used to make the tencel is harvested from hardwoods such as eucalyptus, which have the ability to regenerate quickly. The tree does not need to be cut, it is simply undressed and does not require water or pesticides to grow. From trees only, the cultivation of the tencel is particularly clean and takes up little space: with 6m2 we can produce 10 t-shirts in tencel.

Low water consumption

These plants are very interesting because they only need a low water consumption to develop unlike cotton for example. So, rain water are amply enough to their develop, so there is no need to set up an irrigation system. In addition, lyocell produces much more cellulose per
hectare than cotton: up to 10 times more. It's huge !

The strong points of a lyocell garment

Lyocell is a material with particularly interesting technical characteristics. It is both tough (yes, it's wood after all!), Breathable and absorbs moisture. Perfect for summer or for athletes. Lyocell is also hypoallergenic because it can filter bacteria and pollutants. And it's all sweet! When worn, it invariably seduces with its comfort. Easy to maintain, lyocell garments do not fluff and their colors have good durability.

Lyocell (Tencel) is an eco-responsible material in accordance with an ethical and responsible fashion. Tried it, it's the adopted one. So why not get started?



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