Why say goodbye to bottles of water?

Like millions of people you drink bottled water? Why not change your habits?



Every year in France, 8.7 billion liters of water are bottled and consumed and only one out of two bottles recycled. As much to tell you that they are actually bottles that end up in our oceans. Imagine the impact of 89 billion bottles consumed worldwide in 1 year. So why not try to act on your scale by saying goodbye to bottled water, because in addition to the ecological scourge, this bottles are not as healthy as we think. After becoming aware of the five reasons why we must finish with these bottles, you will not drink your water in the same way.

1. Bottles of water is not so good for health

Many of the bottled waters are neither mineral nor mineralized, they are just filtered like tap water. In fact, many studies have shown that, in many cases, the quality of bottled water is equal to or lower than that of a faucet.But, most surprisingly, almost 25% of bottled water comes from tap ! Industries then treat this water tosell it more expensive. So you can drink on tap water. As a precaution, you can install a filter on the tap that allows to eliminate its taste and the last residues that it can contain. If it is true that it is healthy to vary its mineral contributions, drinking your tap water will not deprive you of good health.You can check the water quality of your municipality through the map of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health. This one lists the results of the sanitary control of the quality of drinking water: https://solidarites-sante.gouv.fr/sante-et-environnement/eaux/eau

In addition, the plastic of water bottles is made from chemical compounds called PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) which have adverse effects on health. Indeed, they contain endocrine disruptors that modify the proper functioning of
our cells. in the vast majority of cases, PET releases toxic substances into the water such as phthalates, antimony, formaldehyde or acetaldehyde. Therefore, even if the water in the bottle is very high quality, it is likely that it is contaminated by the plastic of its packaging.

But also, the reuse of bottles is dangerous for the health because bottoms of bottles favor the appearance of bacteria and germs of all kinds. According to a recent study, in a reused bottle, we find 20 times more bacteria than in on bowl of a dog, and 100 times more than on the toilet bowl. And that's not all: 60% of these bacteria carry diseases.

2.Bottled water, an ecological disaster.

Its production, bottling and transport have a very important ecological footprint.

The consumption of bottled water produces a dizzying amount of waste which in the vast majority of cases are neither treated or recycled and end up directly in the wild. It is estimated each year that about 3 million tonnes of plastic for the production of mineral water bottles in the world. For the production of this plastic, it is necessary not less 12 million tons of oil. Knowing that there is only and really only 25% of these plastic bottles that are recycled, everything else ends up inexorably in the oceans. It is also estimated that more than 50% of this plastic does not break down as easily as it is claimed. Some bottles take several years to disappear.

3. Bottled water goes against the principle of water as a "common good and of general interest".

WE HAVE DRINKING WATER AT THE TAP! Just to give you a small figure, 29% of the world does not have such luxury. And the water from the well is rarely the next door. So already, we are wasting 9 liters of drinking water each time when flushing, it's rather outrageous. So let's stop snubbing this water for buy it in bottle. Access to drinking water and quality is a fundamental right that should never require the purchase of a plastic bottle.

It is important to guarantee this resource for everyone. The privatization of water services, distribution and water resources is a danger in the 21st century. Blue gold, just like air, is one of our most valuable goods and leave it to multinational is not reasonable for the common good.

Some people are fighting for this right as Kynarou, if you want to discover their work: https://kynarou.fr

4. Bottled water makes you lose money

 bottled water costs about 120 times more than tap water! And for good reason, it is not the bottled water that you pay the most expensive but the plastic packaging! The bottled water industry wins a lot of money whereas you can consume water for free (at least you already pay for it in your habitation loads) from the tap.
Still not convinced? Make the calculation on the budget to the year:

If you have to drink about 1.5 liters of water a day for 1 year you will pay about 1.64 € for water tap versus 191 € for bottled water ...


Here are some alternatives to bottled water:

-Have at home glass and terracotta carafes and bottles will allow you to store, serve and refresh easily the tap water.

-Use a reusable glass, aluminium or stainless steel bottle to carry water with you. It is outside that we buy a large part of the bottles of water that we consume.

-In places where tap water quality is not optimal, you can filter it. There are very effective activated carbon filters, natural and without plastic.

 And for all those whose taste of chlorine disturbs, you can mitigate
by letting the water run for a short time before drinking it. We can also and above all put the water in an open carafe and leave it an hour in the fridge: this promotes the degassing of chlorine contained in the water. Remember that chlorine is a chemical used in the manufacture of drinking water: it eliminates germs, bacteria, viruses, but also germs that may be at the root of certain diseases such as cholera.


If you want to start to fill sport aluminium bottles with water from tap, come discover our range of bottles. Cheers!


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